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About Us

Over the course of my career in working with thousands of dermatology practices, dermatologists and residency programs, I found that there was an overwhelming demand to bring practices and providers together as well as help practices get the tools they needed to thrive.

The Ultimate Resource for All Dermatology Practices

Dermatology Authority is a premier practice and career management resource for the dermatology industry.

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs, including:

  • Finding jobs for dermatology providers
  • Hiring dermatology providers for practices
  • Providing marketing resources for new or existing practices and businesses
  • Finding buyers and sellers for practices
  • Providing branding for dermatology practices
  • Adding ancillary resources to practices

Our nationwide company is dedicated to making sure individuals and practices within this competitive industry have everything they need to grow and thrive.

Whether you’re a budding practice looking to start off on the right foot or an established professional looking to move on to another practice, Dermatology Authority can help meet your needs.

What we do

We have coordinated with thousands of practicing dermatologists on a national level.

We have worked with the dermatology community by helping them in various areas:

  • Finding Dermatologists Jobs
  • Assisting with Negotiating Contracts
  • Starting Practices
  • Marketing to Grow Practices
  • Finding Associates and Partners
  • Practice Management

The Dermatology Authority is the standalone career management resource for dermatologists.


I have built an amazing aesthetic practice and a reputation for myself, so when the time came to bring another dermatologist into my practice I needed to choose wisely and bring someone that was a true extension of myself. I was looking for someone who was an artist and understood the aging process and not an injectables technician. I needed someone to look the part and who has a warm and kind heart. It was a very difficult process to go through. I was losing hope and felt discouraged until I casually expressed my concern to Kim, who I knew since my residency days and in less than three days she introduced to me Dr. Luis Soro who was exactly the doctor I needed and much more. I could not be more thankful to Kim for her innate ability to find the right match for my practice. She is truly a professional match maker.

— Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, MD

I have known Kim very well for several years since I graduated residency. She found both of my amazing jobs and has always been an invaluable resource for networking in dermatology. She is very motivated, positive and a pleasure to work with!

— Joanna Zurada, MD

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