Should I Take On An Associate?

It’s important to make sure you should hire an associate physician before you start the process. Finding the right physician for your practice can be time-consuming, but it’s well worth preparing for that process before embarking on your journey. Consider the following questions, and make sure you can answer them all satisfactorily before hiring another doctor.


Basic Spacing and Needs

Do you have enough patients?
Do you have enough staff?
Is there enough space?
What is the work schedule and locations needed?
What does this practice need?

The Right Physician

What qualities are you looking for in a physician?
How are we going to find the physician?
How are we going to set up the interview process?
What are the responsibilities, schedules, and locations?
What will the length of the contract be?
What will be the terms of the restrictive convent?

Compensation and Benefits

What are the positives about your practice?
What does the practice have offer a physician?
How are we going to compensate the physician?
Are we going to offer benefits, malpractice, and partnership opportunity was? If so, what will the terms be?
Are they going to be an employee or independent contractor?

Your Practice

What expenses are associated with adding another provider?
Do you have an attorney to make up and negotiate the contract?

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