Interview Questions

An interview with a practice is as much for your benefit as the practice’s. Take your time when interviewing to ask questions to determine how well you will fit into the practice. Asking questions is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most information out of your interview, and it also makes you look great to the interviewer(s).

Interview Questions

What type of salary are you interested in? Is it a base salary, collection, or a combination?

Are you an independent contractor (1099) or an employee (W2)?

Is the position full-time or part-time?

Who are the administrative authorities when it comes to payroll, preauthorizations, insurance, prescriptions, and creditability?

What types of staff are available?

How many nurses and/or medical assistants will I have?

How many rooms will I receive?

What is the turnover rate for medical assistants?

What types of patients do you receive and what are they interested in?

How is the practice broken up (e.g., medical, surgery, cosmetics)?

Are there any drastic cultural and/or language barriers between the doctors and patients? If so, are translators needed for assistance?

Are there specialists available in the office: Mohs surgeon or Dermpath?

What types of insurance do you have (e.g., disability group/individual, life, health, malpractice)?

Is there a minimum number of hours required to get policies?

How long is the patient wait time on average?

How many patients do you see and how many do you expect me to see?

What insurance plans are accepted? Can you break them down by percent?

Where are specimens sent for testing? Do I have a choice as to where my pathology goes?

How are profits split? What percent goes to overhead and what percent goes to practice?

What are some recent changes within the practice? Are any of them negative?

How do you get referrals? Are there restrictions from outside jobs?

Have you hired dermatologists in the past that have left the practice? If so, where did they go?

How long is commitment/contact?

Does this practice have any additional locations?

How do privileges change with seniority?

Is there opportunity for partnerships? If so, what are the terms?

Are there current partner/shareholder tracks? If so, how many? How long did each one of them take to become partners?

Do you own other practice entities (e.g., medspa, real estate, surgery entity) in which I might have the potential to participate?

What are associates entitled to when it comes to benefits, vacation days, and the control over his/her schedule?

What are an associate’s responsibilities (e.g., take calls, order cosmetic supplies)?

Is an associate paid for patient hours only or also for time completing tasks (e.g., charts, phone calls, etc.)?

Does an associate have to have affiliation with hospital including doing consult months for hospital?

Do you use paper or electronic charts? If EMR, which one?

How do you deal with compensation for licensure, DEA, malpractice, society memberships, CME, IPAs?

What are the patient demographics within the practice’s location?

What is your payer mix (cash vs. insurance vs. Medicare)?

On average, what range of services will I provide within the week (e.g., cosmetic vs. laser vs. clinical derm)?

Is the expansion of your practice to additional locations on your future agenda?

Are there incentive bonus opportunities?

Why are you seeking a new employees at this time?

Are products sold within the practice? Would I have an opportunity to receive commission from them?

Is this an office-based position only or would I be expected to visit nursing homes?

Do you contribute toward malpractice premiums?

How many employees do you currently have? How many are part-time and how many full-time?

Can I expect to shadow you for a short period of time and learn from you?

If I’m looking for part-time now, would there be an opportunity to switch to full-time later if desired?

Do you contribute to any expenses, such as cell phone, CME, society dues, etc.?

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