4 Ways To Promote Your Aesthetic Practice in 2017



1) Add Snapchat and Instagram To Your Marketing Mix

Snapchat is set to go public with a close to a $25 billion IPO and over 150 million daily active users most of which of these are Millennials who now account for close to 1/3 of the US population. They think and act uniquely than other generations, in fact 56% of Millennials will not accept a job offer if it blocks them from social media. In order to promote to this key group its critical to be genuine while getting your message out by their mediums of choice. No longer is it enough to optimize your site with google or even buy expensive ad words. It’s a very simple formula, capture the heart and soul of your practice via Instagram and Snapchat by showing some key highlights throughout the day. You don’t necessarily need to sell your soul, keep it lighthearted and engage your current and prospective patients as they will flock to providers they trust.


2) Be A Specialist Not Generalist:

It sounds great to say that you do almost everything under the sun for which you received training From a marketing standpoint, we at X Factor Media, (specialists in aesthetic Digital Marketing) recommend sending a clear, concise message out that is specialized. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, Plastic Surgeon in NYC and LA, decided to focus 80% of his practice on men. With the initial launch of his first male aesthetic platform in NYC, he has seen a sharp increase in his practice overall because he went all in with the male demographic. This lead to the expansion of a LA / Beverly Hills based office with future plans to go natural. Find what you love to do, be great at it and get the message out. Specialization is key to growth in 2017.


3) Content Is Not King, It’s Emperor:

By creating quality content, you will get noticed via social media, on google and by the press. Further, by not just specializing, but to create online platforms for your specialty is critical. For example, Dr. Philip J, Miller, Facial Plastic Surgeon in NYC, covers everything above the neck, but dedicated time and extensive resources to Rhinoplasty procedures in NYC. This content rich site provides resources for prospective patients so they can not only learn about Rhinoplasty, but also see his before and after work, recovery time and even finance options. Digital Marketing is critical in 2017, but the content you create will make or break your online efforts. Most often, great content finds a way to see the light of day and provide the authority and traffic your site needs. These are interested and relevant prospects who will see you as a solution to their aesthetic challenges or maintenance. Content does not only need to be articles, it can be video, info-graphics or podcasts. It doesn’t matter, as long as the content is great, it will reach your intended audience.


4) Focus on Both Form and Function:

Although Aesthetic Medicine is promotionally intensive. It’s still medicine after all and most people who come in for aesthetic treatments, will most likely seek medical care as well. Dr. Monica Tadros, Park Avenue Facial Plastic and ENT, focuses in on both functional and aesthetic attributes of the nose. She believes that it’s not enough for a nose to look aesthetically pleasing, but to also function properly. She also focuses on the cause of many of her patients symptoms, as she recently released an info-graphic on top winter allergy triggers. By focusing on the cause of your patient’s symptoms, they will look at you as a resource, not just a doctor. Also by sharing possible medical ailments that may be underlying and casing aesthetic challenges, you can address both form and function at the same time. This goes to most if not all areas of aesthetic and traditional medicine.


Tom La Vecchia, MBA

Founder and President of X Factor Media



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